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ex ) Dust collector, small dust collector, oil, wood dust, odor, CNC...

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The time of normal technology have passed.
Here is a collector with high Performance, efficiency and economic feasibility.


We Make Your Business

Environment friendly!

Our goal is the development of working environment in the industry and actualization of the health society.
We fully realize the importance of the safe working environment as well as the leading technology.
Since 1988 we have produced high quality dust collector and invested R&D.
Specially our professional products of "BLACK HOLE" is very useful for the special purpose and field.First of all we recognize that the unique know-how and technique can create the different function.
Every our customers are very happy with our reilable quality and perfect service after sales.
We are proud of the superior technique and design compare to any others.
We guarantee you the most safe conditions and fresh surroundings.
Ew hope our high- end technology and service will contribute your healthy environment.
Your success is our success.
Always we are accompany with you.

Thank you very much.


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